JWC Technology  focuses on the antenna and magnetic product design,
development and manufacture.

JWC antenna manufacture provides mobile, portable and base antenna
for two-way radio, broadcast radio, public safety and military markets.

JWC magnetic core manufacture is a new addition to the family. It is
equipped with the latest technology to design and manufacture high-tech
ferrite core and related product, such as high current, low loss inductors
and transformers. The products are widely used in the TV, Wireless
communication, power supply, satellite systems.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. JWC Technology is committed
to provide low cost, high quality,  fast delivery product.
Ferrite Product
1. Antenna Product:
2. New Product
  • High-Gain, wide band
    WiMAX Antenna
3. Magnet Product
What's New
High Gain WiMax Antenna
Product Showcae