JWC Technology designs and manufactures two product category:
Antenna and Magnetic product.

The antenna product family includes VHF and UHF antenna system,
GSM and CDMA antenna systems, GPS antennas, WiFi and WiMax
antennas. We have a strong antenna design team and can help our
customers to design and manufacture a large variety of antenna

The magnetics product family includes power inductors, various
transformers, and Ferrite Core. The magnetics departments is a
new addition to our company. Benefiting from the fast progress in
the material science in the last decade, the ferrite material
technology has be evolving very rapidly. We have acquired the
most latest technology in this area. We are capable to research,
manufacture and test different ferrite mixture to match our
customers' electrical characteristics profile for power inductors,
transformer and EMI chokes.

Polygon Technology designs and manufactures radio frequency
equipment for industrial testing and measurement. Our systems are
known for reliability, low latency and predetermined system

Our customers and partners include: AMTRAK, Union Pacific,
CRRC china, CARS China, etc. and we are gaining popularity
among the railroad research institudes and seismic industries.
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